Yoshi’s Gorgeous NSX

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It’s already been 20 years since Senna tragically passed away. Most know him as maybe the greatest driver to ever set foot into Formula 1, but some of us know him for a little more than that. He is the man that helped Honda conceive one of the greatest performance machines to come out of Japan.

Honda NSX (20)

The NSX rolled off the line in 1990 for the first time and quickly became one of Japan’s favourite sports cars. To this day the old man in green still rides his trusty Honda through the mountain passes! And so does Yoshi with his ’93 NSX.

Honda NSX (16)

Having owned it for over a decade Yoshi has done quite a few modifications to get closer to his ideal of how a NSX should look and feel. The main visual modification is the complete Marga Hills Body kit including a few personal touches from Yoshi himself like the front lip and side steps, as well as the center duct in the rear diffuser.

Honda NSX (5)

Honda NSX

All that combined with a set of black TE37 complete the look of his outrageous NSX. The wheels are diameter staggered as frequently seen on these machines, which means that the fronts come in at 18 inch and the rears are 19 inch.

Honda NSX (22)

Further mods include a Advance GT Titanium exhaust and a Mishimoto carbon intake system which help the C30A breathe freely. I’m sure the sound is insane, I think we should ask the owners in the future to send us a video of the exhaust sound of their cars!

Honda NSX (14)

On the drivetrain side of things OS Giken parts were utilized for ultimate efficiency. Their flywheel and twin clutch take care of friction and the Super Lock differential including a complete 4.44:1 final drive gearset make sure the power gets put down on the ground in an appropriate manner.

Honda NSX (4)

In order to control the power being put down it was sat on PCR coilovers with BESTEX springs along with a combination of NSX-R and Type-S stabilizers. Topped off with front and rear Okuyama shock tower braces I’m certain this thing must be an absolute blast to drive.

Honda NSX (11)

Yoshi is nowhere close to be done with this NSX and has enough plans lined up for another decade. Further fender modifications as well as a better brake system are on the horizon. He wants to take it slowly though, at the end of the day he wants to enjoy driving his car above anything else.

Honda NSX (9)

I’m looking forward to follow the continued evolution over the coming years!

1993 Honda NSX

Work done by: Owner, Hawks Eye Custom Service, Body Factory Ogino, Expert-OZ, KSP Engineering, Yokohama Tires Nojima

Engine Mods:
Advance GT Titanium exhaust system
TAITEC GT-011 exhaust header
Mishimoto carbon fiber intake system & K&N adapter
TAITEC Air Intake Scoop
OS Giken Super Lock differential with 4.44:1 final drive gearset
OS Giken twin clutch & flywheel kit
SAMCO Sport silicone hose kit
KSP Engineering oil breather tank

Chassis Mods:
PCR coilover suspension & BESTEX springs
Front NSX-R & Rear NSX-TypeS stabilizers
NSX-R lower chassis reinforcement bar
Front & Rear Okuyama shock tower braces
Volk Racing TE37 with Yokohama S.Drive tires: front 215/35R18 rear 265/30R19
Dixcel front/rear rotors & pads
APP stainless steel brake lines

Interior Mods:
NA1 NSX-R shifter and shift knob
Recaro SPG seats
TAITEC seat mounts
NARDI 350mm steering wheel
NRG Quick Release Version 2.5
NRG short adapter hubs
Willans Club 4×4 harness
Ritomo harness bar
Ultra Digital Speed Meter gauge
custom carbon A-pillar
custom carbon door card inserts
custom carbon center unit
custom carbon gauge cover
custom carbon switch panel

Exterior Mods:
NA2 NSX tail lights
Integra Type-R DC2 front side marker lights
Marga Hills front bumper
Marga Hills wide front fenders
Marga Hills side skirts
Marga Hills Rear Diffuser
GruppeM Super Mirror
custom M-Style carbon wing
custom carbon front lip & side steps

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