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Words and photos: Li XuanzhenBeing a RHD country located in South East Asia, Singapore is one of the few JDM fans heaven in the world. From the Honda FD2 Civic Type R to the recently lanched JDM version Toyota 86, we get the exact same cars as what is sold in mainland Japan. As a result, modified JDM cars are very commonly seen on the street of Singapore. The Tokyo Auto Salon came to the shore of Singapore this year and I’m here to bring you some of the exciting rides that was displayed!

After stepping into the show, the first car that caught my attention was not a JDM machine. In fact it is this gunpowder gray E34.

However this is not any ordinary E34 BMW, it comes with an M70 engine swap from its sibling, the E31 850i. The cam cover was painted in red and it contrasts with the fully leather wrap red interior well. The alcantara steering wheel and backet seats add a nice touch too.

Engine swap was a rare sign on the street of Singapore due to law restrictions. But no Falken drifting machine will ever be a road car! This S15 Silvia comes with a 1JZGTE engine with HKS GT3037S turbo set up. Classic JDM style it is.

When it comes to Nissan, R34 must be mentioned.

This has to be the star of 2012/13 of JDM new cars. Toyota 86 by Top Secret with the famous Rocket Bunny body kit. It looks much more subtle than how it appeared in photos. And this Top Secret Gold paint certainly does the Hachiroku justice.

Craft Square Mirrors, Volk Racing TE37, common aftermarket stuffs but looks stunning on the FD!

Spoon NSX and Amuse S2000 Factory car, if you are a Honda fan like me, you must be wet by now!

The new 86 certainly is the star of this show, DAMD brought their famous ‘LEXUS LFT-86’ to the show this year. Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly?) the car looks factory stock, especially with that Lexus badge, it’s as if Lexus really made a little brother version of the god like LFA. By the way anyone else thinks this car looks like a stormtrooper from the back?

Speaking of the Japanese God, here it is. With an usual yellow factory paint.

RE Amemiya is like the Japanese RUF. If you like watching hot version videos like me, you must remember those numerous epic touge and circuit battles of the RE Amemiya FD and other R34 back in the day.

This is the latest version of FD by RE Amemiya and it is the widest they ever made. According to Ken Amemiya, a even wider version will be launching this year and used in the D1 GP!

This is definitely a star of the show, two companies brought it this year. Supra by Veilside.

Veilside is always making crazy body kits, most famous being the RX7 driving by Han in Tokyo Drift. As much as i love the front of this car, the backside looks a little out of hands.

AmericanDM cars are very rare in Singapore, and the corvette was never imported.

Another car that was never imported to Singapore back in the days, and this particular car is a little more interesting than the way it appeared.

It’s powertrain came from the Aprilia RSV4, including the engine, transmission and clutch. And of course, all of which are mid mounted!

I am sure there are many Evo fans out there, The Evo 5 is one of the best looking in my opinion. Those fog lamps, tsk tsk.

How often do you see a SB1 civic with full carbon body?

Aaaaaand, alongside a second gen Celica.

Hellaflush is nice, but this… I wonder if they just left the car on four individual wheels? Crazy camber must be really attractive to some.

Details like this gives a car the soul of it’s own and differentiates it from the rest on the street.

Never a big fan of the original Beetle, but this one looks draw dropping.

Dropping top in the most reliable car in the world! A much better looker than the SC430!

Famous MISHA design widebody SL from Malaysia, i always thought this car was based on an SL63 or at least an SL500, a bit disappointing to see it with a V6 only.

My personal favourite on the show. Long hood FR cars are just so attractive.

No Japanese car show is completed without at least one KAIDO racer!

This time the Singapore GTR owners club brought more than 10 R35 to the show and this is my personal favourite. Untouched exterior with a candy red paint. Sweet.

Pick your favourite RX7!

A little slide will ya? Too bad there’s no real Stagea this year, this will do i guess.

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