Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 coverage

- January 12, 2015 - 2

This year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, 33th edition has ended and it was the largest show in its history! 414 exhibitors, 879 cars and more than 4000 booths were placed at Makuhari Messe International exhibition hall where Tokyo Auto Salon is located. Last year the TAS attracted almost 300.000 visitors. This year their aim was to overpass this number and I am sure the mission was accomplished!

Our good friend, Yuuki Kouno was there to cover the event for us. Since the event is very big we will cover only a share portion of one of the largest custom car and car related product exhibition.

Well known time attack car, Top Fuel S2000, the fastest Honda S2000 on the planet or at least on this year’s World Time Attack Challenge. The car and the development on it always impresses me.

Tokyo Auto Salon (7)

Tokyo Auto Salon (6)

Here is another World Time Attack Challenge contender, HKS GT-R GT1000+, 4.1 liter stroker with well over 1200 horsepower! World dominator in GT-R class.

Tokyo Auto Salon (18)

Tokyo Auto Salon (16)

Tokyo Auto Salon (17)

Video: HKS GTR at Sydney Motorsport park, Australia.

A lot of demo GTRs at TAS2015 and this one is another well known GTR from Varis. Named “Kamikaze-R”, it packs huge aero updates to keep the car down when 1000hp kicks in.

Tokyo Auto Salon (4)

Tokyo Auto Salon (5)

Top Secret with their GTR fleet! Known for breaking the records in Tokyo tunnels (video bellow) they were also present at this year’s WTAC with the 1000+ GTR shown bellow.

Tokyo Auto Salon (11)

Tokyo Auto Salon (12)

Gold GT-R Nardo Challenge. The fastest Japanese car. 377.246km/h with CPU problems! We hope it will brake the 400km/h barrier with Option’s next Nardo attack.

Tokyo Auto Salon (10)

Tokyo Auto Salon (9)

Tokyo Auto Salon (8)

TRA Rocket Bunny with their famous widebody kits now implemented on the NSX.

Tokyo Auto Salon (20)

Tokyo Auto Salon (21)

T-DEMAND brought the Lexus RC300h and slammed it to the lowest possible point.

Tokyo Auto Salon (13)

AGL / Army Girl RWB993 Rough Rhythm.

Tokyo Auto Salon (14)


Tokyo Auto Salon (19)

There were also euro cars present like this E92 M3 or F82 M4.


Tokyo Auto Salon (1)

Let me conclude the coverage with the Falken Motorsport Porsche 911 GT3 R race car from 24h Nürburgring race.

Tokyo Auto Salon (2)

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