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Hakosuka  (20)

In 1968, nearly 50 years ago, the C10 Skyline started rolling off the band and remains to this day one of the most desirable cars to come out of Japan. This KPGC10 is the GTR version of the chassis and was released in 1971 and only around 2000 of these were built. For being over 40 years old now this ones is certainly kept in outstanding shape and luckily for us Tristan Dauba ( Hakkensuru ) was able to get us some beautiful shots all around this Hakosuka.

Hajime Miyazaki, owner of RS-Start as well as the KPGC10 has spent time and money on preserving this famous speciment and still uses it as the garage’s demo vehicle.

Hakosuka  (14)

Hakosuka  (13)

For those that do not know, the term hakosuka is made up of the Japanese word for box “hako” and the Japanese short version of the Skyline “suka”. Obviously referring to its boxy shape enthusiasts around the world have been calling the C10 ‘Hakosuka’ for nearly half a century.

Miyazaki-san opted for a set of Work Meister CR01 as they are beautifully complementing the oldskool style from the era of these cars. At the front they measure 15×8.5JET-9 and in the back they go 15x10JET-28.

Hakosuka  (9)

The KPGC10 was equipped with the legendary S20, 2 liter inline 6 engine known for it’s high pitch sound at the limit. The engine was designed by Prince engineers, the company responsible developing the C10 before Nissan had taken over. Making 160hp and 180Nm the Hakosuka won 58 races of the ones it has participated in, of which 32 took place at Fuji Speedway, the spiritual home of the Skyline.

Hakosuka  (5)

Hakosuka  (18)

However, this engine is nowhere close to stock. Apart from all the details and the Weber 45MM carburetors the main feature of this engine is its increased displacement; being 1mm overbore from its original 82mm and having an increased stroke of 11.2mm to 73mm it is now 2400cc screaming bloody murder through their 6-1 manifold into the exhaust system.

Hakosuka  (7)

Sometimes you see big PMCS sticker on these old Skylines, it stands for the Prince Motorist Club Sapporo again referring to the company originally developing the Hakosuka.

Hakosuka  (15)

No stickers here, but the Ohlins suspension along with the many updated body parts such as FRP fenders and carbon overfenders do not need stickers to make it look good.

Hakosuka  (11)

The interior is kept simple and effective and most notable upgrades are Nardi steering wheel and Willans 4 point harnesses. Much more than this would be overkill anyhow for this vehicle.

Hakosuka  (32)

The complete package of history, performance and esthetics makes these Skylines the dream car of many men today! Yep, I certainly am one of them.

Hakosuka  (12)

Bonus: Old video of RS Start testing muffler setups. Turn up your speakers, It’s nuts!

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  • fons denissen October 25, 2014 - 11:34 am Reply

    I have a Nissan 2400GT LHD (HGLC10) registered in the netherlands in July 1972 . I have the car in my possesion since 1979 and i want to restore it .

    There for i need several parts but i can’t find adresses(internetsites) who supllie C10 parts .

    Can you support me with adresses from suppliers

    Looking forward to your reaction

    With kind regards

    Fons Denissen

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