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703 days from last blog post. Golden days of blogging are long gone and things have moved to social media. I have been thinking for a couple of weeks now, what should I do with this page. Since it would be a shame to shut it down completely and focus only on the products we are making I decided to keep it alive and show what we have been up to with our FOM Performance brand and anything inbetween.

My writing can’t match the articles from our writers of these awesome features that happened here but I want to give it a try and at least write few words here and there on what I have done or what we are up to so bare with me.

It might look like I abandoned the Farmofminds thing completely (only few Instagram posts here and there) and move on with the life but the truth is that I got myself busier than ever before.

Since I was always interested in making things for cars and the automotive is my passion I knew I will end up doing something in this field. This blog gave me opportunity to meet a lot of great people, that is how I met Alex years ago and we became really good friends with the same passion, same view on cars and same goal which is making a business out of this (blogging was never really a business for me).

Throughout conversations with Alex, we kinda cristallized what we want to do. Although we want to do a lot of stuff and I am sure they will follow as soon as possible, our first goal was to make wheels. It sounded promising but the catch was that we had no idea where to start and how to do it because we wanted our own custom 3p wheels, and not to resell or outsource everything. It wouldn’t make any sense then.

So we made a step forward and invested in some machines. Unfortunately we don’t have rich uncles or sponsors to make things much easier and ready to roll, we had to do it all by ourselves. Since I am mechanical engineer drop-out, I wanted to test my skills and we ended up getting proper CNC machine suitable for our needs (needs are now bigger lol). This chapter will definitely need its own separate blog post about the machine itself and how it sucked money, drained the nerves and the upgrades that simply never stop.

After mastering all the software part of the game, it was time to show what I’ve been sweating about. These were our concept (billet) 3 piece wheels made for Alex’s new acquisition (picture bellow) after he sold the R32 GTR. R34 is in different shape and form now and I am sure Alex will be happy to write about it here later on. He started vloging too, check him out: ALEX G.

All the blood and sweat paid off. Things turned out better than expected. We ended up ordering a batch of custom forged blanks tailored to our needs from USA and after that the real custom forged 3 piece wheels made by FOM Performance were born. Since then there were quite some sets made. We will feature some of the cars with our wheels here later on. Next logical step would be forged monoblock wheels, which btw are already in the pipeline. Due to logistic problems this might take a while.

We have also plans for flowformed wheels but this has to wait a bit (manufacturing costs and minimum stock) unless there are so many inquiries that they need to be done :D. I made a concept render anyway:

Managing all this takes a lot of time and effort so I wish things could go a bit faster specially if we want to achieve our goals. With all the knowledge we’ve gotten so far we have plans to go straight on to custom body kits. My head is already full of ideas for big 5-axis CNC machine which is necessary for such complex shapes. The only thing that is slowing the process is a fact that I and Alex live apart few hundred kilometers (Slovenia-Germany) and it is impossible to work that way.  Hopefully this will change soon too. I am looking forward to see what the future holds. We are also open for business proposals, so if you have anything in mind, get in touch.

Thanks for reading.


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