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Nissan Silvia S15 (3)

… Or your home to work? Or some of us is just lucky enough to do what they love? Nonetheless the immaculate Silvia that you see on the picture above (and on many more below) belongs to one of the photographer that provides the content to the website you love so much! ūüôā

You don’t have to have a trained eye for details to notice that perfection has most certainly rubbed off on Souta over the years, making his quest to aweomeness a lot easier.

It’s been a long time coming for him to get the s15, given the influence that Japan’s automotive heritage had on him, it is certainly not an understatement to say that a childhood dream came true!

Well, I say came through, but the reality is that he put in a lot of hard work with his friends building it from scratch since 2007.

Nissan Silvia S15 (5)

Now, if you do happen to have a trained eye, then by the pictures above you noticed that Souta has utilized his resources very well and managed to create a sexy looking flow from different sets of areo kits and a staggered sized wheel setup.

At first glance it just looks like something simple yet majestic, but the more and more you look at it, you start to notice those fine details; the wide-body kit, the elevated rear.. all contributes to the aggressive stance giving the car that “on the prowl” look.

To be a bit more specific, we have a 20mm wide fender from X-Treme on the front and a 30mm one from Origin on the rear. The front and rear bumpers have also been replaced by a set of Origin ones, whilst the heavy bonnet was swapped for a Takase Stout carbon one.

All of this is coated in a rather unique looking Mocha Bronze Pearl metallic paint job.

Nissan Silvia S15 (2)

Supported by the great quality roads in Japan, this is another static beast on some rock hard (F11kg / R18kg)Final Konnexion Stealth coilovers. These weren’t the only tech that needed to be changed to refresh the soon to be sweet 16 car. In fact pretty much everything underneath; Ikeya Formula tie rods, Cusco tension rods, D-MAX upper arms and traction rods and a new Nismo 2-way LSD with a Coppermix strengthening clutch was installed.

All of this together makes for a very sturdy little piece of engineering that you can be sure to trust under “most” driving conditions.

Nissan Silvia S15 (1)

These details wouldn’t be the ones that you notice just by looking at the car. What you’d see is a neatly lowered car sitting on some sweet sexy Work XD9’s. What makes this unique is that the usual staggered fitment wasn’t enough for Souta, he took it a step further rocking 17×9.5J wrapped in 215/45 rubber on the front and 18x10J 225/40 on the rear.

It’s not necessarily the most outrageous setup that we’ve featured before, but it scratches an itch I¬†didn’t even know I had.

Complimenting the overall style of the car the interior is very tidy and tastefully modified.

Nissan Silvia S15 (9)

Gauges are more or less standard with every car that is modified and this one isn’t an exception. Souta did find a much more elegant way to integrate the Defi water oil temperature and oil pressure meters into the dashboard. Makes you think why have they not thought of that adopting the “Fairlady way”?

There are plenty of smaller style upgrades are inside the car such as the deep dish steering wheel, the designer velvet mid console panel cover, the short shifter, the plastic cover around the shifter, the metal pedals, the stickers neatly representing and so much more out of plain sight.

One major thing that’s very considerate of Souta is that he’s only installed one bucket seat for himself, keeping the passenger seat stock and comfy (you know what I’m talking about! If you don’t, I challenge you to get in and out of a bucket seat 20 times in a row).

Nissan Silvia S15 (7)

Under the hood we don’t have any obnoxious t4 turbos or elevated camshafts (yet.). It’s kept relatively modest with the upgrades more revolving around the support mods much rather than the sr20det itself.

We have an HKS racing suction and Trust intercooler an HPI oil cooler and a Yashio Factory radiator. It’s still enough to produce around 250hp reliably without putting the car in any danger.

Nissan Silvia S15 (6)

All in all this piece of machinery definitely passes the petrolhead test. It puts a smile on Soutas’ face everyday and he’s still most certainly turns back to take a glance whenever he’s walking away from it.


Souta Hosino

Souta Hosino

City of residence:
Niigata Prefecture

Work done by:

Power output: 250ps
Torque: 28.0kgf.m

Engine Mods:
HKS Racing air intake
TRUST intercooler
HPI oil cooler
Yashio Factory radiator

Chassis Mods:
Final Konnexion Stealth coilovers (F:11; R:18)
Ikeya Formula tie rod
Cusco front tension rod
D-MAX rear upper arm
D-MAX traction rod
Nismo LSD (2way)
Nismo Coppermix clutch

Interior Mods:
water temperature gauge (Defi)
oil temperature gauge  (Defi)
oil pressure gauge  (Defi)
Recaro SP-G bucket seat

Exterior Mods:
Mocha Bronze Pearl Metallic color
Front: X-TREME 20mm wide fender
Rear: ORIGIN 30mm wide fender
Takase Stout normal shape carbon bonnet

Wheels: WORK Emotion XD9
Front: 215/45 R17 9.5J
Rear: 225/40 R18 10J

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  • mememe September 25, 2015 - 7:35 pm Reply

    paint work looks like s**t especially on passenger side door, far too much orange peel, over fenders look rough as a dogs arse too

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