Takashi Mori’s Drift ER34

- March 26, 2015 - 12

Skyline ER34 HRE (7)

The R34 GTR’s smaller brother, the GTT is in many regards more versatile and multifunctual. Be it for track driving, time attacking or specifically drifting the GTT may appeal to a wider spectrum of drivers.

Apart from being substantially easier to acquire financially, it also has a huge aftermarket parts presence, maybe even bigger than the GTR’s especially when it comes to body kits.

Skyline ER34 HRE (4)

Skyline ER34 HRE (2)

Thanks to all this aftermarket support we will continue to see cars like Takashi’s R34 GTT.

Before getting the R34 Takashi owned a R33 as well as a V35, he felt the 34 was the next logical choice due to his drifting passion and not to mention his fondness of its ‘boxy’ shape he says.

Drifting for him is all about looking good, and looking good WHILE DOING SO. He certainly nailed it.

First thing that you notice is the widebody from Cross Factory. Next to the full body paint job in Porsche’s Macadamia metallic he opted for a set of HRE 303’s which measure 18x10J in the front and 18×11.5J in the back.

Skyline ER34 HRE (3)

Skyline ER34 HRE (6)

The RB25 is running a Trust TD05-18G turbo which boosts the engine to a respectable and reliable 358hp.

All the work on car has been done by garages like TEPS and Access Evolution so you can be sure that this is no half-assed build.

Takashi loves it when other people enjoy seeing his car. He does not have an end goal for changing and upgrading his car, he believes he will never stop – for now the next thing on the list is a rollcage!

What are your thoughts on this ultimate drift R34? Discuss below.

Skyline ER34 HRE (1)

Skyline ER34 HRE (8)

1998 Nissan Skyline 25GT-T (ER34)

Owner’s name: Takashi Mori
Photographer: Junya Nakata
City of residence: Shinagawa Tokyo
Year of purchase: Apr. 2009
Work done by: TEPS, Access Evolution
Power output: 358ps

Engine Mods:
Trust TD05-18G turbo
Trust intercooler
SARD waste gate
Nissan Z32 air flow sensor
BLITZ DUAL SBC boost controller
large fuel pump
full straight exhaust pipe
HKS twin plate clutch
ATS 2way LSD

Chassis Mods:
HRE Classic Series 303 wheels F:18x10J -11 R:18×11.5J -29
G Corporation suspension system
Swift springs (F:26kg / R:16kg)
CUSCO upper arm (front/rear)
30mm extended front lower arm
Ikeya Formula tie rod

Interior Mods:
BRIDE BRIX Ⅱ driver’s seat
OMP deep corn steering wheel

Exterior Mods:
Porsche Macadamia metalic (dark brown) body color
EUROU front bumper
New Type front carbon diffuser
Cross Factory +50mm front fenders
Cross Factory +60mm rear fenders
Cross Factory side step
New Type side carbon skirts
NISMO rear skarts
GT-R rear bumper
URAS rear diffuser
rear fog lamp from Honda Fusion bike

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  • Tom Bradstock March 27, 2015 - 1:31 am Reply

    Nice 34, i really like that. Looks so good dropped and with that kit on too. Beautiful.

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