Supras In Vegas – SIV 2015

- October 19, 2015 - 6

The weather was perfect, and the sun was shining. The music was blasting and engines were revving. In the crowd, fans of all ages that came to see the legendary GT car that they have dreamed about, inspired by the history of Japanese automotive development.

Las Vegas Supra (19)

So what happens when you get a bunch of Supra enthusiasts to come to Vegas and show how much of their well-deserved funds and countless nights of scratching their heads, trying to figure out why the 2J won’t crank after they stuffed a set of 272 cams, was spent on making their Supra the “boss” ride that it is? You get a testosterone filled, muscle flexing meet called “Supras In Vegas,” or SIV for short, also sometimes referred to as “Supras Invade Vegas,” an unofficial name, as to an older and original Supra show, “Supras Invade Las Vegas (SILV).” SIV Being one of the biggest Supra meets in the country and bringing together some of the greatest 2JZ builds around, including “The Supra Store” and Vegas based “Virtual Works,” known for having one of the fastest drag Supras on the planet.

Las Vegas Supra (18)

With the calendar set to mid fall of every year, SIV makes a perfect opportunity to meet new people, make friends and enjoy four days of separate events that include, a cruise, dyno runs, show and shine and to top it all off, a drag event. This shows the big differences and looks on how others try to reach perfection. Having each individual trying something new, to outperform, or outshow their competition.

Las Vegas Supra (3)

Las Vegas Supra (2)

“5 axis” was nice enough to join the Party and bring along the masterpiece that is the FT1 concept. Everybody got a close up and personal look at the future of what many hope is the Supra of the next generation.

Las Vegas Supra (23)

Las Vegas Supra (24)

Las Vegas Supra (25)

Las Vegas Supra (12)

Me personally being a fellow owner of a MKIV Supra, which was featured here on Farmofminds, makes this event a place to lay back and take a close look to learn, as well as get inspiration on how I can improve my Toyota in the near future. For others this is the one time of the year that everyone gathers around and knows exactly how rare their hardtop, 6 speed, TT, Quick Silver MKIV really is. So if you find yourself one day in Vegas and all the sudden are surrounded by a mass of Supras, you’ll know the invasion has begun.

Las Vegas Supra (1)

Las Vegas Supra (4)

Las Vegas Supra (6)

Las Vegas Supra (20)

Las Vegas Supra (22)

Las Vegas Supra (28)

Las Vegas Supra (5)

More info: Supras In Vegas

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