Super Street x Hardcore: Fresh Car Meet @ UDX Akihabara

- July 18, 2015 - 9

It’s 7’s day and you’re in Japan, you know exactly where you gotta be, right? Wrong! On this particular 7’s day Super Street decided to team up with Hardcore Japan to whip up an event that was not only for RX7s on that day.



The venue was the huge UDX underground parking in the heart of Akihabara, Tokyo’s lovely nerd district. It was the perfect setting, I’m talkin’ Tokyo Drift style.



The UDX is normally known for its itasha style cars, but tonite it belonged to the street drifters and stance scene.



While outside it was a mild mid-20 degrees Celsius, underground it was 30+ from all the cars and people, it was crazy.



I was actually on vacation with my brother and dad, originally we were planning to go for the usual 7’s day activities: daikokufuto and umihotaru; but Charles from All That Low suggested I should have a look at this event instead. And he was right about it!



We made our way to Akihabara with our rental and met up with Francis from Hashiriya and gotten some dinner as the event was scheduled to begin at 2100. On our way to the UDX we already were seeing tons of cars rolling through so we knew what way to go.



A couple of previously featured cars showed up as well like Yoshi’s NSX! Check out the feature here: Yoshi’s Gorgeous NSX



Takashi Mori showed up as well with his stunning ER34, he is the ultimate nice guy and was one of the few Japanese guys speaking english! It was a pleasure to meet him, check out his ride again if you like! Click HERE



While the event was only a couple of hours long, I would take this type of meet over any of the daytime ones again! It was just so cool and rather pleasent to be done with everything after 2-3 hours instead of having to spend an entire day at a time. I’m just not that pro!



Also snapped a couple small vids I threw together of when the cars were leaving at the end, have a look:

After people started heading out we made our way to daikokufuto, sadly it was already very late and most people had left, but there were a couple of great shots still to be done which we will post here and there, so keep an eye out! As a little bonus, here is already one of the shots I took there that night, turned out to be my favorite picture of the entire trip.


Plannin’ my next trip already, hit me up if you’re going next year!


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  • Omri To Raatid July 19, 2015 - 5:55 am Reply

    Wow! Excellent!

  • […] A short night later it was 7’s day and time to visit the lovely coastal town Kamakura (Naturally only after a short stop to have some sushi at the Tsukiji fish market). We rented a lovely house right at the beach through Airbnb. We dropped in, had a quick nap and when we woke up it was time to head back into Tokyo because I had gotten a tip that there was another event going down in Akihabara.I covered this event on FarmOfMinds already and would love if you checked that out. It was fantastic… […]

  • Patrick Ico August 4, 2015 - 4:37 am Reply

    some familiar cars when I was there!great coverage

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