StanceNation G Edition Japan 2015 Nagasaki

- July 11, 2015 - 3

Alright… so we all know and understand that stanced out, slammed cars isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, however I can also safely state that we all know StanceNation, and we’re aware of how much influence/visibility have they provided to the scene. They’ve grown into one of the finest car communities and possibly the best place to go if you’re looking for aggressive fitments & form > function automotive beauties. Since 2013 they’ve also been organizing the StanceNation G Edition event in Japan, which is growing to be bigger every year.

With the meet having over 1500 applicants last year (while they were capable of admitting ~750 cars), it was certain that the 3rd annual show is going to be a success.

The repertoire pretty much included everything that you can think of. Just by taking a look at the award winning cars and seeing the wide array of representation will ensure you that there was something for everyone to fall in love with.

Our talented photographer Toshiyuki Kagawa / N.R.FOUR was there as well, so that you can take experience this extraordinary event through his lens.

Can’t stress it enough how thankful we are that StanceNation is going the extra mile to get the people together and that we are able to enjoy these insane creations worldwide. If you aren’t already, make sure to follow them on Instagram, Facebook.

Without any further ado, enjoy the pictures and an overhead video of the show below.

Stancenation (66)Stancenation (65)Stancenation (64)Stancenation (63)Stancenation (62)Stancenation (61)Stancenation (60)Stancenation (59)Stancenation (57)Stancenation (56)Stancenation (55)Stancenation (54)Stancenation (52)Stancenation (51)Stancenation (50)Stancenation (49)Stancenation (47)Stancenation (46)Stancenation (45)Stancenation (44)Stancenation (42)Stancenation (41)Stancenation (40)Stancenation (39)Stancenation (38)Stancenation (37)Stancenation (36)Stancenation (35)Stancenation (34)Stancenation (32)Stancenation (31)Stancenation (30)Stancenation (28)Stancenation (27)Stancenation (26)Stancenation (25)Stancenation (23)Stancenation (22)Stancenation (21)Stancenation (20)Stancenation (19)Stancenation (18)Stancenation (16)Stancenation (14)Stancenation (13)Stancenation (12)Stancenation (11)Stancenation (9)Stancenation (8)Stancenation (7)Stancenation (5)Stancenation (4)Stancenation (2)Stancenation (1)

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