Spy shot: Fiat 500

- June 3, 2007 - 0

It’s 8 pm. I’m driving in a car with my girlfriend and we’re talking about some usual things. Then some truck, parked on a parking area, distract me. It was loaded with certain small cars, which were cover with white sheets. I drove off the road instantly, turned the car and went to check out the cars. When I arrived closer, I catch a written sign “500” on the sheet. At the very first time I knew that this is the new Fiat 500. I grabbed my cell phone and took a pic. Then I drove in front of the truck intending to take some more pics. But there was a driver in a cabin so I took just a quick shot because it was visible that driver doesn’t like my doing. And then I was all glad that it made me to take a photo from a successor of legendary Fiat 500.

The new Fiat 500 will have Fiat Panda platform and will have three engine options: a 1.2 4-cylinder petrol engine with 69 bhp,
a 1.4 Starjet 4-cylinder 16 valves petrol engine with 100 bhp and a 1.3 Multijet 4-cylinder diesel with 74 bhp. Impressive!

For those who want more, there will be a Fiat 500 Abarth powered by 150 bhp petrol engine. Pocket-rocket. Wait until early 2008.

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