Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) 2014

- November 11, 2014 - 2

“Specialty Equipment Market Association,” or SEMA is and annual convention in Las Vegas, Nevada and is unlike any other. It gathers the greatest innovations and styles from all over the world in the “auto aftermarket,” market. It brings fans and businesses together for future investments and motivation for future ideas. In other words, if you like cars and are in the business, then attending SEMA is a must.

We were at SEMA this year and got to witness the scale of the event in person, as it gathers more than 60,000 buyers, over 2,000 new parts and accessories, as well as special events. In fact there was so much to take in that in two days we did not see it all.

With that said we leave you with our favorites from the show of 2014. Exclusive only here on FOM.

Sema 2014 (29)

2014 SEMA (17)

2014 SEMA (18)

Sema 2014 (18)

Sema 2014 (3)

Sema 2014 (13)

Sema 2014 (32)

Sema 2014 (36)

Sema 2014 (40)

2014 SEMA (19)

Sema 2014 (20)

2014 SEMA (12)

2014 SEMA (31)

2014 SEMA (26)

2014 SEMA (36)

2014 SEMA (7)

2014 SEMA (38)

2014 SEMA (37)

2014 SEMA (1)

Sema 2014 (1)

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