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The doors are open and the crowds are pouring in. It’s SEMA 2017 and FOM is once again here to cover this stunning event and it’s interesting details. This year’s show is bigger than ever and some notable differences are in play that point to it changing and adapting to accommodate the armada of new businesses that are pouring into this diverse industry. These businesses bring new possibilities in the growing world of special equipment, and allow the user almost an unlimited access to performance. So without further ado here is another round of SEMA.

This year I will start with something that stood out and really made an impression on me personally. As an automotive enthusiast and as a designer I love form, creative approach and above all the combination of the two with a slight seasoning of character. Well it just happens to be that I have stumbled across just such thing, Willy’s 1973 widebody BMW 3.0 CSL. An impressive BMW vision that was very difficult to take a photo of, without getting people in the way. An aggressive character with classic form and a creative approach for a race car. Yes it might not be perfect as far as some proportional factors go, but what a machine.

Next we have a very eye catching Cayman, owned by a fella I know who holds a position at Toyo Tires and has worked on this project all year to successfully get it out to the show. Functionality aside I think this is a fantastic show car and the booth design with additional vehicles makes it stand out even better.

Now I know that I will be going off the road here a little bit (“get it off the road?”), but running into this Baja 911 was amazing. There is a Baja Beetle so why not a Porsche right? The concept is fantastic in the fact that the shell of the vehicle is completely removable and sits on a tube frame with it’s own doors.

There is definitely a growing amount of trucks this year, even more than what we saw before, but it does not mean that there is a shortage of street cars as well. It is a little dry this year as far as stunning focal points, but the size is just beyond me. There is also a large amount of security this year. New ID badges with hidden items as well as metal detectors and backpack searches. I am sure this has something to do with the incident that happened in Las Vegas just a few weeks ago. Nevertheless this timeless experience was not spoiled by excessive authority.

SEMA 2017 Recap

Overall, first day at SEMA was off to a great start and we hope to see more hidden gems in the next few days. Come back and be informed on JDM news as we bring them to you and look out for more articles on SEMA 2017 to come.

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