SEMA 2017 Recap

- November 4, 2017 - 5

Now with SEMA 2017 behind us, it will drive inspiration and creativity all the way until it swings around once again the next year. The presentations seem to get more strong and the industry looks like it is doing very well.

Hennessey decided to present their latest hyper car entry at SEMA this year. Venom F5 was a magnet and a focal point of the show. I personally found it very well proportioned and finely detailed, but only a closer look with a drive would be able to determine how I truly feel about it.

Out of the large companies here Ford did very well in my eyes, they had a number of great cars on the show floor with a more sophisticated presentation than what they had in previous years.

It was an amazing experience this year at SEMA 2017 and makes us only wonder and guess what is to come next. It seems that the aftermarket is only limited by imagination and how deep the pockets are, but to be totally honest with you, there does not seem to be any problems with that. So to all you FOM readers, if you have the ability to visit SEMA sometime in the future, it is not something that I would miss.

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