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Every year SEMA brings the automotive aftermarket trade to Las Vegas and every year it is nothing short of amazing to see the creativity that goes into promoting one’s business direction and attraction. This year it was no different and shows how far some companies will go to display their product to the world in which they thrive. Our trip to SEMA this year was another impressive journey that will inspire and push us to create greater product for the FOM community.

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The 2015 SEMA show was on an epic scale this year and seemed a lot bigger than that of previous years, but the hype this year was all the same, “GO WIDE OR GO HOME!” Yes, wide body and over fenders, hyped up from Companies like Rocket Bunny, Liberty walk and RWB flooded the halls of the convention, with some trying to copy and others finding new and creative ways to use the style as an inspiration to show their own vision of what it should be like.

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As with every year there were a few stars that caught the attention of many walking by. At the H&R booth the rusty, wide, “Mad Max”, post apocalyptic, race BMW got plenty of visitors to stop and use all the last remaining space on their phones to capture the beast. We were also impressed by this machine and will definitely say that this was one of our favorites at the show this year.

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Liberty Walk over the past few years has grown greatly in popularity and has brought a selection of their autos to the show as always, this did not stop others from presenting the Liberty Walk kit as well. Tsuyoshi Murata, the owner of Samurai Motors brought his LB Performance GTR presented in a spectacular way and even Kato-San (the president of “LB”) could not refuse to come and see the car for himself, after which he even signed it.

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Who could resist a properly proportioned, wide body Porsche? We ran into the a beautiful selection of RWB Porsches at the South Hall.

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This year was an impressive, well organised display of the “Specialty Equipment Market Association,” even one unlucky day that included rain and hail did not stop this massive machine from moving forward. We will keep this in our memories and look forward to seeing what is in store for us next year, but for many it is time to review and learn from what was shown and the show to stay ahead of the game.

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