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- November 25, 2015 - 5

Bensopra GTR

Patrick is a man of his words! He said that he’d overhaul and refresh the look of his GT-R and he did just that. It’s still the same GT-R35 that you read about in my previous feature, but it looks completely different. This leaves us with no other option but to feature it again (oh no, the horror!).

I talked about how his potential future plans include; a new exhaust, the possibility of another body kit and smaller tweaks to pursue perfection.

All of these are now reality and he tossed in a set of new rims for good measures… Ladies love shoes right?!

Let’s lift the curtains and see what this new bad-boy looks like!

Bensopra GTR (4)

DAAAAAAYUM!! is probably the only acceptable and appropriate reaction that anyone can have. As if the Top Secret body-kit wasn’t bonkers enough he’s now rocking a BenSopra one on the car. The only thing that hasn’t changed are the sleek looking CarbonDry Japan door handles, the side mirrors and the head/tail lights were kept from the 2015 version of the GTR35.

Bensopra GTR (16)

Bensopra GTR (17)

Whilst I did say that in our day and age originality and the ability to mix’n’match exterior parts together, creating something unique will get you fame, there are certain complete looks that just… work. It was only in 2012 that the BenSopra GTR debut in the Tokyo Auto Salon, but it is already guaranteed that every enthusiast will know it until cars exists.

Bensopra GTR (3)

It still sits on the H&R lowering springs, however the TE37’s are history and now it’s looking pretty on Advan GT Premium wheels.

Pat decided to opt for a staggered setup using 20″x10.5J(F) and 20″x12J(R) on his custom colored semi gloss black rims, which are still wrapped in the good old Toyo R888 285/35(F) and 315/30(R) tires (well they are probably a different set by now).

Bensopra GTR (12)

The interior has remained the same but let’s be fair there wasn’t a lot you can do there. It’s still fully equipped with RSW Carbon panels and a Bulletproof Automotive carbon shift knob.

Bensopra GTR (10)

There were a couple of smaller tweaks done to under the hood; he now has an additional HKS Y-pipe leading onto the new Armytrix Performance valvetronic exhaust.

The several smaller tweak include a new Weldon fuel pump and regulator, a Garage Whifbitz aluminion header tank for the place of the factory plastic ones, an Agency Power hose kit, a Boost Logic oil cooler and an Ecutek ECU.

Bensopra GTR (5)

Unfortunately we don’t know how much did the power output increase from the 663hp but with these changes I can easily see it lay down around ~800hp.

Bensopra GTR (15)

There isn’t much more that can be… scratch that. There isn’t much more that NEED to be said about his car. I’ll just take the opportunity to give a public message to Patrick himself from all of us; You knocked it out the park man! Great job!

I’ll let you all feast on the remaining pictures and make sure to comment below what would you change, maybe we’ll have a 3rd installment of Pat’s GTR35 ;).

Until next time! -verti

Bensopra GTR (1)

Bensopra GTR (7)

Bensopra GTR (8)

Bensopra GTR (9)

Bensopra GTR (11)

Bensopra GTR (14)

Bensopra GTR (2)

Bensopra GTR R35

Bensopra GTR (13)

HKS GT800 Turbo Kit
HKS Downpipe
HKS Y-pipe
Weldon Fuel Pump
Weldon Fuel Regulator
Agency Power Hose Kit
Garage Whifbitz Header Tank
Boost Logic Oil Cooler
Ecutek ECU
Armytrix performance valvetronic exhaust

BenSopra Bodykit
2015 Head lights/Tail lights
CarbonDry Japan Door handles

RSW Carbon Interior Panels
Bulletproof Automotive CF Shiftknob

Advan GT Premium Semi Gloss Black 20×10.5 Front 20×12 Rear
Toyo R888 Tires 285/35 Front 315/30 Rear

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    thanks for the feature again fom!

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