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I got some interesting pics in my email the other day. It was not the usual JDM car but American muscle (rebadged Japanese car)! This car is 1988 Chrysler Conquest (also know as Mitsubishi Colt Starion) with 2002 Corvette LS1 engine in it and as you will see on the pics bellow (a lot of them), fully customized carbon fiber interior. A lot of effort and love was put into the Conquest. John was working on it approx. 2 years. I will quote his words:

The cars a 1988 Chrysler Conquest that I’ve owned for over 12 years. I repainted the car before I left for college, and it sat for almost seven years. Three years later, I moved to Detroit for a job and got to work on it again. With very little experience and shitty 1.5 car garage, I set out to make the car exactly how I wanted. My main goal for the car was a 400-500hp reliable track/ daily car. So, I decided to swap the engine to a 2002 Corvette Ls1. I wanted to keep the weight distribution as centered as possible, so I cut the fire wall and tunnel to place the engine rearward close to 6 inches. I designed and installed a full roll cage, while also redesigning the entire interior. This isn’t like most cars in its era. Aftermarket support is little to none, and parts are harder to find everyday. Every part on this car was redesigned, rebuilt, or built from scratch.

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the post to check out Chrysler Conquest in action at Michigan Gumball Rally Block Party!

But first go through the specs list of Chrysler Conquest:


HRE 505’s 17×12 rear 275 40 17 Nitt0 nt-05
17x 9.5 front 255 40 17 Nitto nt-05
modified front fascia
vacuu-formed fog and turn signals, with custom made LED’s
04′ Caddy STS HID headlights, hand made housings, lens’s etc.
89′ Mitsubishi Starion tail lamps, cleared, then tinted red inside
83′ Mitsubishi Starion vented hood
Body molded b-pillar vents


Full spec custom designed DOM roll cage bent by Art Morrison
Sparco Evo-2 seats
Corbeau 5 pt harness’s
Redesigned interior, hand made using aluminum, carbon and suede
Prosport Gauges, Oil, volt, water temp
Pivot 10K tach
full toggle switch controls
push button start
Complete re-wiring of the entire car
trunk mounted battery
power windows


2002 Corvette Ls1
swapped oil pan
Improved Racing oil pan road race baffle
Custom intake
Cable driven throttle body
Hand built long tube headers to dual 3″ exhaust with an H pipe, no mufflers
Poly custom engine mounts
3″ dual pass radiator
16″ torque flow fan
Modified wire harness
T56 6 speed trans
custom made shifter and knob

Steering/ Suspension

Swapped rack and pinion using a Ford 5.0 steering rack
poly rack bushings
Steeda bump steer kit
Custom designed CNC’d steering knuckles for better steering geometry
Toyota Mr2 swapped tokico illuminas 5 way adjustable shocks
Shortened strut housings
Cosmo sleeve over coil overs
custom control arms
MK1 poly bushings
Suspension Tech. sway bars


Ford mustang 5.0 power brake booster with a 1993 Cobra master cylinder
Cross drilled and vented rotors


Stitch welded
Fire wall cut out and rebuilt along with entire trans tunnel
engine 6″ rearward for proper weight distribution
Front end tubed for steering clearance
modified front cross member

Pics courtesy of Dennis.

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    That interior is beautiful

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