Reader’s car: Honda S800

- March 21, 2011 - 0

These days Japan is struggling from the devastating earth-quake, deadly tsunami and nuclear crisis. Sadly numerous people didn’t make it and yet some had extremely lucky. Same goes with the cars (please note, I do not equalize people’s lives with piece of metal) and Takuya Sato’s old school Honda S800 was very lucky to got away with minor scratches.

On the first pic you can see how he tries to catch the same cool moment as Honda did on their sketch. The dog is missing and the cars stands inversely but nevertheless it’s a cool shot!

This pics showing Honda S800 after the earth-quake and it looks almost untouched.

Thank you Takuya Sato for showing us the pics despite the all madness that is going on at the land of the rising sun!

One another note: If you care about Japan people, please go to where they “have combined forces with the amazing people from Bungy Japan and Suruga Performance to launch a rescue and relief effort for the people suffering without heat, food or water in northern Japan”.

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