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[Words by Philipp Berndt] What do you think of when you think of Poland? Probably Vodka, stolen cars and bad roads. But now we forget the negative aspects and think outside the box. My colleague Robert can sing you a song about the great and friendly people he has met in Poland. We all could learn a lot from the Polish which I will talk about in detail later on. The roads are actually alright (at least the major roads) and even with lowered cars still perfectly fine to drive on. Add to that a completely empty football stadium in Wrocław and you know you’re in for a good time at one of the best car meets in Europe. And out of all countries, it’s in Poland!

R33 Skyline

4 years ago the Polish already noticed that you can learn from car culture in the US and Japan. The so called Raceism Clique has created an event that can easily compete with WekFest and Hellaflush meets. Variety, style and selection were combined so well that I still get a warm fuzzy feeling every time I think about it!

EVO vs Civic

These guys started with the Japanese car scene and are still very well presented in it. It seems as if they are a few years ahead of Germany in terms of JDM. No stickerbomb or cheap eBay stickers, fluoro colours or big bodykits. They interpreted the JDM look in their own way and have created some great cars following the motto ‘Form follows function’.


The whole weekend was a spontaneous decision for me. At 4 in the morning we met up and around 10 we were already lining up at the gates in Wrocław. In line with the FLGNTLT crew, Rad48, great jap cars and BMW’s…everything was present. Equally as impressed with the variety were the different nations that were in attendance. From Sweden to Russia and even Ireland, pretty much a bit of everything across Europe. It was clear this was not just a normal meet in a carpark.

Impreza STi

The boys and girls from FLGNTLT showed off their well-known R8, Cayman and a few other cars. Mario Mattik’s ‘Gayman‘ on 4-spoke Rad48 wheels which he built himself sparked a lot of discussion along with the Messer cars. Whether it be positive or negative, they got a lot of attention. My personal highlight of the show was Buni Zeferi’s ‘M3 Touring’, an E91 with full M3 front, rear and arches. Buni showed people a different take on Messer wheels by choosing a smaller size centre and going for a slant lip setup. Perfectly executed to the smallest detail!

_0BP3483 (1) _0BP3475 (1)

The BMW scene is very popular and also high on quality so of course people got to see track ready BMWs alongside cars with crazy fitment, such as Michał Adamiszyn’s Alpina E36. I’ve never seen so much camber before!

BMW E36 stance

Let’s stick to the topic of crazy and wheels. Who do you think of first when you hear those words? Pierre Tucholka of course! Lilly (his R33) and him drove to the event with us and scored 2nd place in ‘Best of Raceism’. A car like that only receiving 2nd place just shows how good the quality of cars was. And don’t worry, no prizes were handed out to cars because they spent a lot of time on fibreglass bodykits. The competition showed that even in Germany the whole fitment trend seems to slowly make its way onto local cars.

R33 wide wheels

A total opposite to all of this was a R34 GTR owner from Scandinavia. And we all know that Scandinavians are crazy. Combine a GTR and a Scandinavian and what you got was a Japanese hero car on badly welded together Audi emergency wheels with Honda center caps. It was parked outside the event and he drove all that distance just to shock people.


Of course there were a few other jap cars. As mentioned, the Raceism Clique consists of mostly Japanese cars. No surprise then that Raceism’s founder Adrian drives a Silvia on Work Meisters. Static and properly fitted. A green dream! The rest of the clique was equally as impressive. DelSol, Civic and more, all static and on the floor. After an event I have to ask myself…where are these cars in our country?

Silvia on Meisters

The euro scene has also progressed. Opel and Mercedes-Benz does actually have fans! With balls of steel too. Fair enough then that an exotic like a Polski Fiat had to be there. In a way it reminded us of oldschool JDM. All in all I have to say it was an amazing event that I would and will visit time and time again. Great people, great food, well planned and perfectly executed. Not a cheap event but let’s be honest when do you ever treat yourself? And some things you just have to accept. phigraphie.com

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