Offset Kings Miami!

- July 7, 2014 - 9


Offset Kings Miami! What more can I say other than it is Miami! First time ever visiting Miami, Florida and completely fell in love with the place. So many beautiful women and well put together cars, Miami is definitely up there when it comes to getting the best of “both worlds”.

4 Door Skyline

Being born and raised in Southern California, I must admit I’ve seen so many beautiful cars and thought I’ve definitely seen it all, boy was I wrong. As soon as I pulled in to the parking lot of the venue I knew Miami was going to be epic, why you may ask? Oh, just the fact that a 4 door R34 Skyline parked next to my cheap little rental as I was opening my trunk to get my gear. I was seriously shocked, Skylines are rare in the states, and although I’ve seen a few in California, I’ve never had the privilege to see a 4 door R34 skyline.


After finally getting over  being a fanboy of the beautiful 4 door skyline, I made my way into the show. right from the start I started seeing fully done up NSX nd S2000’s. For me seeing a fully done up S2000 is nothing new as I have seen many builds in Southern California, most of them bein magazine features, but there was this one yellow S2000 with a V8 turbo transplant that had me going crazy. I took a few walk around  the car, and still couldn’t believe what I was looking at. so I quickly started looking for the owner. unfortunately I wasn’t able to locate him, but his girlfriend wa definitely a good help.

Honda S2000

I must admit I was a bit surprised to not see more VIP builds in the show. Although there was one Lexus that made up for it, Yes I’m talking about the white Lexus with the Japanese License Plates. I got the chance to talk to the owner and find out a bit more about the car. Very humble guy I must say.


Definitely loved the diversity in cars at the show. There was even a Volvo that was actually pretty clean. I must admit I was looking at it for a while before I realized, hey, I brought a camera, lets take some pics. haha.


The people there showed me lots of love as I was walking around handing out Farm Of Minds Decals. Maybe they just wanted free stuff? I don’t know, but whatever it was, great people none the less. Miami was one hell of a trip and I would definitely love to go back again soon and capture some more pics as these builds continue to grow!


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