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- July 12, 2014 - 2

Offset Kings Japan (8) Offset Kings Japan (13)

Luckily for us the 2014 Offset Kings Tour includes a show in Japan – but who am I kidding, such a tour would not be complete without a stop at the Fuji Speedway, gathering some of coolest cars Japan has to offer.

On scene for us once again Yuta who has continuously been providing us with awesome content – so thanks for that buddy!

Offset Kings Japan (17)

Offset Kings Japan (31)

Familiar faces include Koki’s Evo and Junya’s Skyline which look as crisp as ever rightfully taking their place at such a high quality event hosted by Fatlace.

Offset Kings Japan (6) Offset Kings Japan (26)

No show is complete nowadays without some Rocket Bunnies, I will never grow tired of these. Tra Kyoto’s latest kit is targeted at a true JDM legend, the FD3S.

Offset Kings Japan (5) Offset Kings Japan (7)

Other high profile cars such as Nakagawa’s 180 and Hikaru’s R32 were present, raising the overall level which they obviously would at any event.

Offset Kings Japan (14)
Offset Kings Japan (30)

There is nothing I can recommend more than coming once to Fuji Speedway and experience such an event for yourself. Everything about it feels different, the cars, the people and the air. Nothing feels remotely comparable to this in Europe and the States – I can testify to that.

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