Nobuteru Taniguchi sets new Fuji Speedway record

- January 25, 2015 - 2

It looks like the year 2015 will be all about the records. First Under Suzuki sets new record on Tsukuba Circuit and now 谷口 信輝 Nobuteru “NOB” Taniguchi sets new time attack record in 2WD class on Fuji Speedway at HKS Premium Day with Top Fuel S2000! New benchmark is now 1:39.131. That’s full second faster than last year (1:40.195). HKS Technical Factory managed the fastest R35 GT-R time in their Kamikaze-R with 1:41.743. For the comparison, Team Impul GT500 Nissan GT-R course record is 1:28.799.

Edit: GT1000+ HKS R35 sets fastest lap later that day: 1:37.771.



Tokyo Auto Salon (6)

Top Fuel S2000

Photo by Rob Shaw, BackFromLeave Photography

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