Mimms Honda Day

- February 4, 2016 - 6

November 2015 the Mimms crew came together to host their well-established Mimms honda Day at the Peterborough arena here in the UK.

Mimms Honda (4)

For those who don’t know here is a quote explanation from their website:

Mimms Honda Day evolved from a simple car park meet into the premier Honda event in the UK. Rewind back to 2009, it all started from the South Mimms Honda Meets in the service station. Over the years the meet grew to capacities that the entire services could not accommodate, after the management gave us the use of not only the entire main car park but the coach area and lorry park also. 2013 saw the end of the legendary South Mimms Honda Meets due to the sheer amount of enthusiasts attending which gave birth to the full on show, Mimms Honda Day.

I fuelled up the car and with my friend trekked along to the show not knowing what to expect as it was kinda last minute for us to attend the show.

Mimms Honda (5)

We were greeted with a fantastic variety of Hondas on show.

Tegiwa has there freshly bought and modded New Civic on show. Sitting really nice on these Enkei wheels.

Mimms Honda (2)

Plenty of lovely DC5’s on show with varied styles.

Mimms Honda (3)

Mimms Honda (8)

A couple of race tuned examples were in attendance.

Mimms Honda (15)

Mimms Honda (16)

Mimms Honda (17)

Mimms Honda (18)

I spoke to owner of this one and hes running some good figures, It’s currently sitting at 450bhp.

Mimms Honda (12)

Mimms Honda (9)

Due to this crazy engine bay and he’s looking to go more power.

Mimms Honda (11)

Mimms Honda (10)

A guy who lives local to me was there representing with his much loved Jordan Civic.

Mimms Honda (13)

Mimms Honda (24)

Mimms Honda (14)

Crazy turbo’ed S2K with some lovely pipe work.

Mimms Honda (6)

Mimms Honda (7)

This freshly imported NSX. I like the fact the owner also tracks this car, it’s not just a show queen.

Mimms Honda (19)

Mimms Honda (20)

Mimms Honda (21)

This Carbon’ed EP3 really caught my eye.

Mimms Honda (23)

Mimms Honda (22)

There was an outside area for all those who didn’t get inside, not to be forgotten we went outside to have a nose about.

Mimms Honda (25)

Mimms Honda (27)

Mimms Honda (26)

Mimms Honda (1)

Over all it was a really good day out, I hope the pictures do it justice. But one thing I did get from the show was that the honda scene in the UK is a strong and friendly one. Everyone was upbeat and people seemed to be having a great time. It almost convinced me to trade my car in for one.

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