Milltek Sport Releases New Honda Civic Type R Exhaust Options

- November 11, 2015 - 5

British exhaust manufacturer Milltek Sport has released a comprehensive range of cat-back sports exhaust options for the current tuner favourite, the Honda Civic Type R. Milltek Sport took delivery of their very own 2015 Honda Civic Type R as one of the very first cars in the UK, and so has had many months ago to complete its testing of these brand new performance exhaust system upgrades.

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In fact, Milltek has considerable form with the Type R brand, Back in 2007, Milltek Sport developed the first ever Honda performance exhaust system for the then brand new, FN2 Civic Type R. Then, as now, Milltek’s aim was to endow the screaming 2.0 VTEC hot-hatch with a deeper and more powerful soundtrack that differed from the usual aftermarket exhaust options by only releasing its full vocals under hard acceleration – making it a genuinely viable upgrade to any car that’s used every day, whether it be commuting to work, getting the weekly shopping or, trying to set new lap times at the Nurburgring. It was this deliberately engineered flexibility that really gained traction with Type-R owners around the World and has taken it to the top of the owners’ “Must Have” list.

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For 2015, with Honda’s decision to do away with the normally-aspirated engine and fit a turbocharger, Milltek’s design team started afresh with their approach. While this has reduced the rev limit from 9000 rpm down to 7000 rpm, it has opened up a whole new level of tuning potential.

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The 2015 Civic comes from the factory with 306bhp and peak torque of 400Nm. Milltek Sport is at the forefront of exhaust technology when it comes to extracting more performance and efficiency from turbocharged engines and felt confident that significant gains could be made. An assumption that proved to be correct – and how!

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Milltek’s technicians have completed their redesign of the OEM exhaust system, doing away with the various pipe sizes and “pinch points” to create a much smoother and better flowing design. Milltek’s development vehicle has been thoroughly tested on the road, race track and dyno to ensure it meets the brand ethos – performance without compromise.

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This new system features mandrel-bent 3.0” (76.20mm) aerospace-grade stainless steel and is available in a wide range of options to suit all owner’s requirements. All are cat-back, but choices can be made between the softer resonated road systems, or the harder non-resonated race packages. Tips wise, a range of Titanium, Polished and Black Cerakote can be ordered on 100mm GT100 quad outlets for a look that is clearly a cut above the standard offering, but while still remaining tasteful – and very much in-keeping with the car.

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System options start at £1302.01 including VAT for a cat-back “Road+” System with polished tips.

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