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I haven’t met Marc from DAMN!Nice Motorsports, or taken a drive in his gorgeous Vintage Red RX-7, but I suspect we would get on extremely well. When reading about why he chose and modified this FD into the car you see before you today, I couldn’t help but agree with all aspects of his philosophy. He has strived for balance in all areas – form and power haven’t dictated the build, but then nor have the looks of the car been allowed to compromise handling – all too often a casualty these days in the pursuit of the right stance.

efini rx7

As Marc himself put it, when approaching this project he’s tried to maintain the purity and ethos that Mazda instilled into the RX-7. For some people that might mean keeping the car bone stock, for him it’s rightly about making his vehicle the best it can be.

Mazda RX7 tuning

This particular car was a grade 4.5 import direct from Japan where it had been previously maintained by rotary specialists Knightsports. Importing from overseas can often be a bit of a gamble, especially when you can’t even get over there to view the car, but Germany isn’t blessed with an overabundance of RX-7’s, so Marc decided to go direct to source. By buying from a tuning outfit, Marc ensured he not only got a well maintained and presented car straight off the boat, but also something that benefitted from a broad spectrum of quality modified parts selected and fitted by established rotary experts.

Mazda RX7 feed tuning

Under the bonnet there is a full Knightsports V-Mount setup including intercooler, Koyo aluminium radiator, Air Groove CAI and battery relocation mount to ensure that the engine receives nothing but the coolest air. A Labonte water/methanol injection system was also added to compliment this setup and reduce the chance of detonation at higher boost levels, which can kill rotary engines even faster than conventional piston-driven ones. To feed the 13B’s insatiable appetite for petrol a SARD 280lph fuel pump and pressure regulator have been fitted, carefully matched to 850cc fuel injectors that strike a balance between power and spray pattern to ensure the RX-7 doesn’t drive like a pig on part throttle. Continuing the rundown of premium tuning parts is an RE-Amemiya downpipe feeding a 3.25” Kakimoto exhaust with 100 cel sports cat to keep emissions nice and legal, plus an ORC twin plate clutch to successfully transfer power to the rear wheels. Marc hasn’t given exact power figures, but despite still running the stock sequential twin turbo setup, it’s likely this Power FC mapped FD should be able to run around 400bhp. That’s plenty in a car weighing just 1200kg!

Mazda RX 7 rotary engine

In keeping with Marc’s balanced philosophy, power is nothing without control, and once again, this RX-7 has all the right upgrades in all the right places. The car is equipped with an Endless/Zeal coilover system fitted, Cusco strut brace up front, and a big brake kit courtesy of RacingBrake. RX’s aren’t really the car of choice for getting the back sliding either, so some sticky Federal 595 UHP tyres in 245 front and even more serious treadwear 80 labelled Michelin Pilot Sport Cup rubber in 265 rear specification have been fitted to the Advan RG’s so Marc can safely deploy all the power available to him.

Advan RG wheels

The ageing FD is now moving slowly but surely into classic territory, and as a result an increasing number of people are choosing to maintain or return them to stock trim rather than modify them.That’s a real shame, because there’s nothing more gorgeous than an RX-7 with a great bodykit, and it looks like Marc agrees.

Rotary RX7

Once again the spec list for the car’s exterior is a who’s who of top line Japanese parts: FEED front fenders and side skirts, INGS+1 front bumper with carbon undertray, RE-Amemiya mirrors and dry carbon rear diffuser, topped off with a Mazdaspeed rear wing. But the devil is always in the details, and Marc and his fellow German rotary lovers have used their combined experience to add a few choice touches of their own. One-off canards have been worked into the front bumper to lend a nice Time Attack vibe, whilst the double diffuser fog light add-on and projector headlamp setup are a completely custom effort.

Mazda RX 7 rotary power

Marc’s been working on this project for nearly 10 years now, and despite starting with a great base, has continued to pour time and effort into refining and customising the car to make it his own when many people would have been content to simply enjoy their purchase until the wheels fell off. The wish list for future modifications is pretty small; barring a roll cage, some grippier seats and a custom vented hood which is in the works right now, he’s very happy with the overall state of the car, and we can all see why.

1994 Efini Rx-7 Type R

Engine Mods:

    – Full Knightsports V-Mount Setup incl. intercooler
    – Koyo Rad.
    – air Groove cold air intake and battery mount
    – stock turbos
    – Alu Air Seperation Tank
    – PAN-Speed Elbow with injectors (water injectors)
    – Labonte water injection system
    – 4x 850ccm Fuel Injectors
    – SARD fuel pressure regulator
    – SARD 280l fuelpump
    – HKS twinpower
    – ApexiPowerFC (DAMN!Nice mapped)
    – RE-Amemiya Downpipe
    – 3,25” Kakimoto exhaust with 100cell cat.
    – OGURA (ORC) twin plate carbon clutch
    – Blitz DD BOV with DAMN!Nice recirc adapter

Chassis Mods:

    – (ENDLESS) ZEAL Suspension
    – engine damper
    – CUSCO front strut brace
    – RACINGBRAKE Big brake front and rear- ADVAN RG 9.5×18+22 all around
    – Michelin Pilot sport cup (265) rear
    – Federal RSR (245) front

Interior Mods:

    – DEFI Gauges (oil/water/exhaust Temp ; oil/fuel/boost Pressure)
    – Innovate wideband
    – Custom Gauge in Dashboard integration
    – ApexiPowerFC Commander with R-Magic holder
    – Light grey Alcantara leather with red stitches
    – Sparco Mugello Steering wheel with TopSecret quick release hub
    – Mazdaspeed Shifter and Tachometer

Exterior Mods:

    – INGS+1 front with Carbon undertray and DAMN!Nice custom canards
    – FEED Fenders and sideskirts
    – Mazdaspeed rearwing
    – RE-Amemiya Pro Diffuser (dry carbon)
    – DAMN!Nice FPR Doublediffuser + foglight addon
    – RE-Amemiya Oval Mirrors (dry carbon)
    – DAMN!Nice headlight conversion
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