JCCA Tsukuba Summer Meet

- September 4, 2015 - 5


Second time in Japan, second JCCA event for me, I don’t think I will skip these any more.

JCCA, the Japanese Classic Car Association hosts numerous events every year to bring their members together and pitch them oldskool cars against one another on the racetrack to be doing what these were meant to do: To race.




While it was tsuyu season in the area and there was a constant light rain, it didn’t stop the members from bringing out their beloved classics to race them as hard as they can on the legendary Tsukuba Circuit.

Many of these cars that pushing 50 years now still would be able to kick some modern car ass on the track, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t mind a Kenmeri myself.




On events like these there is one thing you gotta do: Walk the parking lot. Many times I find myself looking at cars in the lot more than on the track. I simply like cars more when they are street driven.




Also was able to capture a quick video of one of the race starts, the sound was amazing, listen for yourself:

Until next time, JCCA!


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