Industry News: Litchfield Unveils 20,000 sq.ft Supercar Centre

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After 18 months of architectural and building work, Gloucestershire super-tuner Litchfield has finally released a few sneak pictures from the inside of its stunning new tuning and service facility.

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Created from a blank sheet of paper to cater for the most discerning of sports and supercar owners, Litchfield’s clinically-prepared 20,000 square foot of workshop, dyno and preparation space sets new standards in the automotive aftermarket, and will allow the company’s exclusive clientele to live out their every automotive whim under one roof.

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Having established an enviable reputation for maintaining and improving the world’s finest cars, the new Litchfield Supercar Centre has been created to fulfil every conceivable need. With 16 ‘flat access’ ramps available for routine service work, Litchfield can service precisely to schedule on any road exotica, maintaining the manufacturer’s warranty cover and the car’s resale value. Exhausts, wheels, tyres and brakes are also all available in-house, ranging from OEM-spec replacements, through to upgraded offerings from the like of Akrapovic, Alcon and Michelin.

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For customers looking to step outside of the manufacturer’s mechanical constraints. Litchfield offers a literally limitless range of tuning options across a wide range of cars. Looking to twin-turbo charge your 458? Supercharge your R8? Add carbon-ceramics to your GT-R? These are all tasks recently undertaken by the 19-strong Litchfield technical team.

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Every aspect of mechanical work can be undertaken on any car, with an extensive bank of diagnostic and special tools at its disposal, engine and gearbox rebuilds and upgrades are a daily occurrence, as is bespoke engineering and all aspects of re-mapping chassis and drivetrain tuning. Those looking to improves aesthetics are also well catered for, too – with Litchfield able to handle all elements of exterior and interior improvement, including bodywork and even bespoke interior trim upgrades, from a simple tailored carpet set – through to a full set of custom seats and re-trim.

Everything is on site, including extensive customer waiting areas, a smart showroom and boutique area, engine clean room, motorsport preparation suite, gearbox production area, SuperFlow engine dyno and one of Europe’s most sophisticated twin-retarder Maha dyno cells. In fact, Litchfield’s technical facilities have been completed to such a high standard that the facility is already contracted to several blue-chip race teams and manufacturers, who deliver prototypes and development vehicles to the high-security site under the cover of darkness for essential R&D work.

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True to the company’s roots, Litchfield can still source rare and exotic cars for clients from all over the world, arranging logistics, type approval, conversion – where necessary, and full registration. This can now be done on a global basis, meaning, no matter where you are based, and no matter which vehicle you would like to own, Litchfield can procure and deliver it for you, ready to use. Iconic cars like the Camaro Z28 and Lexus LFA are typical examples of cars the company has recently sourced and registered for discerning clients.

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Known as Europe’s finest GT-R tuner, Litchfield also offers the most amazing array of conversion and upgrade packages for Nissan’s iconic GT, too. As the current Guinness World Record holders for the Blind Land Speed title, it’s fair to say that Litchfield’s tuning prowess with this platform is unparalleled – a fact borne out by the sheer volume of cars in for work on any given day. In fact, it is said that there are more GT-Rs assembled here in one place at any time than in any place on the planet, outside of the factory compound!

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For those clients whose diaries don’t allow them time to make a personal visit, Litchfield has a small fleet of Race Shuttle trailers in order to safely, securely and discreetly collect and deliver any cherished sports, classic or supercar. Able to take even the widest –and wildest – of mid-engined exotics, this service is also available to clients anywhere in Europe.

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The competition division of Litchfield is no stranger to the top step either. Having taken the outright laurels in the UK Time Attack championship, as well as preparing several customer cars to go on to similar success, Litchfield can prepare any car to any level of endeavour, whether it’s a few tweaks for a track-day at The Ring, a full-on assault in a FIA-sanctioned event, or even the entire work needed to take a Guinness World Record, the team has literally been there and done that.


Now in its 17th year of successful trading, the future of Litchfield looks better than ever.

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