How JDM are you?

- November 8, 2008 - 0

Some are classic and some original.

-I’m so JDM I sleep on the right side of my bed
-I’m so JDM my blood type is Type R
-I’m so JDM that I walk on the right side of the sidewalk
-I’m so JDM I put everything sideways
-I’m so JDM that I married a japanese girl just to get a discount on parts
-I’m so JDM my bed has sidemarkers and fog lights
-I’m so JDM I think a steering wheel on the left side of the car is a conversion
-I’m so JDM even my toothbrush has been tuned for maximum VTEC potential
-I’m so JDM i’m radiated from the atom bomb
-I’m so JDM that I only drive with my right eye open
-I’m so JDM I bow instead of shake hands
-I’m so JDM i put a T infront of my name (Tsukuba, Tsuchiya, Toyota…)
-I’m so JDM i got a carbon fiber backpack with a Sparco Steering wheel strapped on to the back
-I’m so JDM my right hand is carbon fiber
-I’m so JDM that my first word was VTEC

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  • Anonymous January 4, 2010 - 5:22 pm Reply

    loool too funi fam

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