Honda Civic MUGEN RR

- August 8, 2007 - 0

It’s Official! Honda tuner MUGEN will release its new acquisition, Honda Civic MUGEN RR! This is most powerful Honda Civic ever. It’s powered by 2.0 liter high revving engine where the Mugen engineers manage to squeeze another 15HP from 225HP engine. The result is 240 horses at 8,000 rpm and 160 lb-ft at 7,000 rpm. For better performance Honda Civic MUGEN RR lose 10kg (22 lbs) off the standard Civic Type R’s weight.
For better recognition serves a new aggressive body kit. Breaks and suspension are re-tuned and also new light wheels are added. Recaro sport buckets are self-evident.
This ultimate front-engined/front-wheel-drive performance car will be available only in Milan Red color. If you are the lucky person among 300 people who will get the Civic Mugen RR then you’ll have to pay ¥4,777,500 ($38,750 USD) for it.
Order date is September 13 2007.

Engine: 2.0-litre DOHC i-VTEC
Transmission: 6MT
Power: 177kW @ 8,000rpm
Torque: 218Nm @ 7,000rpm
Dimensions (L/W/H): 4.570m/1.79m/1.415m
Wheelbase: 2.7m
Kerb weight: 1,240kg
Tyre size: 225/40R18

And now comes the best part: video teaser where Civic Mugen RR is racing on Tsukuba circuit. These Japanese know how to tease. Great move MUGEN!

If you are looking for some more infos and pictures of Honda Civic Mugen RR then visit official website.


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