Home Fires: Jedi tackles the Hill

- October 17, 2013 - 5

Farmfominds formula

It’s always rewarding when people send us pictures of themselves or their rides sporting the Farm Of Minds logo, but here is something a little different. The car in this picture is a Mk4 Jedi single seater, exiting the final corner of the Val des Terres Hillclimb with just a hint of opposite lock and being driven by…my father.

Starting with a second-hand package nearly a decade ago, he’s worked tirelessly on a small budget to refine and hone the Jedi into a car that consistently sets records and embarrasses bigger teams in local events. In its latest incarnation the car is running a 600cc motorbike engine from a Honda CBR600 in a chassis weighing about 300kg with full aero, so it really flies for the 30 seconds or so required for each sprint to the top. We’re fairly certain the FOM stickers have helped shave a few tenths off as well…

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