Good old Datsun

- November 13, 2013 - 5

As a kid growing up I had a friend that lived down the street. His father owned a truck that I never payed any attention to. He would always come out every sunday morning and detail it. Never gave it much thought, but if you are in to classic JDM vehicles, this little 1978 Datsun Pickup must have a place in your heart. As it was with this owner from Hokkaido, Kazuyoshi and his clear respect for this elegant machine.

Datsun Pickup truck

I think that this is a perfect example that a car looks better in its traditional environment. I truly love its “poker face”, as it glances at the surroundings.

Datsun D21 pickup

The hooks make it look like it could still function like a utility vehicle and fulfill its job, but all I would want to do is cruise to a nice and sunny day in Japan.

Datsun pickup

The one detail that I truly admire is the graphic that trails from the bed wall into the door. It gives the door the extra form that would be needed for a stronger look.

Datsun D21 pickup truck

I think that simplicity is key in this case. The wheels might not be my personal preference, but it does not matter, because my purpose might not be the same as Kazuyoshi’s.

1978 Datsun 620 Pickup

Engine: stock

Suspension: stock

Exterior mods:

    -US Spec
    -BOYDS 16″ wheels with Dunlop LM702 tires

Future mods:

    -air suspension
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