Full Race R14

- June 7, 2008 - 0

Full Race Motorsports company is specialized in turbo manifolds. Their robotic TIG welded exhaust manifolds and components are “the most hardcore, professionally manufactured components in the industry”.

If you dig further on their site you’ll find Project R14. What is Project R14? It’s Nissan S14 240SX chassis with Skyline’s AWD BR26DET power delivery, double wishbone suspension and multi-piston brakes. It’s basically a GTR with S14 look. They offer two different types of conversions. Both uses the same upgrade except one has Koni steel coilovers and driveshaft. Other has aluminum KONI double adjustable coilovers and ultra light aluminum driveshaft. Another advantage with this conversion is also weight. Ordinary S14 weights 1253 kg (2762 lb). 1992 GTR is 230kg (500 lb) heavier.

But they do not offer this installation anymore. Instead they offer self-install kits. So you’ll have to install it by yourself. If you are true hardcore racer you probably won’t have a problem with that.

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