Fuji Speedway: A day at Formula Drift Japan

- July 21, 2015 - 5

Fuji Speedway is a magical place, amidst surrounding touge passes and mountains there is one of the most modern and iconic race tracks in the world full of charm and history. This is my second time at the track and after its big renovation a couple of years back, I believe this is one of the nicest places on earth.

As part of the Motor Games Japan, Formula drift was the main event on this weekend, but since the competition itself has been covered so many times already this post is mainly about its surroundings. Offset Kings was part of it as well but we will cover that in another post soon!



The Japan edition of FD had a lineup with some of the best drifters in the world so naturally it wouldn’t be boring. The great thing about FSW is that everything is so open and you can walk through the pits and talk to people and take pictures.

However, there is so much more to do at FSW, in particular on this weekend! I do have huge respect for the professional drifters, they do make it look easy while the truth is that these guys are some of the most gifted drivers in the world. Still, competition style drifting is not everyone’s cuppa tea so let’s see what else you can expect on a weekend like this.



First, there is the parking lot. I’ve been saying it again and again, I love street driven cars. Chances are that you will find a couple of gems in the lot.



Then there is the ‘casual’ or grassroot drift section next to the track where everyone is allowed. This is the part I find many times even more appealing than the main event. While in a judged event like FD you have to wait inbetween cars, here the cars are thrashed around the corners nonstop and it just appeals in so many more ways.



In short: Constant back to back action and drama with amazing street driven rides. I love this place.



These guys just come here to chill out and have fun with friends, spending all day shredding and changing tires. That’s what it’s all about. Check for yourself.

If you need a break you can head over to the restaurant next to the paddocks. I was well annoyed because they ran out of the phenomenal udon they make there, so I had to settle for a tonkatsu with curry.


And if that is not enough you can find show stages and plenty of booths from known tuners and part manufacturers as well as their show cars. Several big names came out for a hot, sunny weekend.
326Power brought their 86 show car with their brand new King Mesh wheels.



Rays and Work did not miss the chance to showcase their most up-to-date wheel lineup as well!



Miura-san and Kato-san wouldn’t miss an event like this either. It’s a whole different thing to see these rides in person.



All in all after a long tiring day and a sunburn, this is still one of the coolest days I’ve spent in Japan. Totally recommended.
Been shooting so much, I didn’t know where to put all the pictures so check out the gallery below!

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