Forge Motorsport Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT86 Coolant Hose Kit

- November 17, 2014 - 0

The latest kit from the silicone labs at Forge Motorsport is a response to a huge demand for competition-quality upgrades for current tuner-car benchmark; the Subaru BRZ/GT86. The impressive 3-piece coolant kit created by the Gloucestershire firm has been designed to cope with the latest OAT coolant formulations used in modern engines.


OAT (or Organic Acid Technology) coolants are used in most modern cars and have superseded the previous generation of methanol and Ethylene Glycol mixtures. OAT coolants have an extended service life of around five years use under normal conditions and whilst standard silicone hoses have a high resistance to the old Ethylene Glycol coolants, they can quickly deteriorate, if not protected, when OAT coolants are used. For this reason, these new Forge hoses have an internal lining of Fluorosilicone to protect and ensure the longevity of the hose.
As well as being specifically designed to work with the latest OAT coolants, all Forge hoses are designed to withstand much higher pressures and temperatures than any original equipment hose, they are also available in three different colourways, including the discreet looking black finish for those looking to create a real ‘OEM+’ engine bay, or red and blue for those that aren’t…

Each kit has been designed and developed here in the UK, using fabric reinforcement inside the finest quality European-sourced silicone. As well as significantly enhancing the under-bonnet appearance of any cherished ‘Toyobaru’, these hoses will dramatically outlast the original parts.

Not only do these hoses make a great insurance policy on a standard car, but they’re also an essential upgrade on a remapped or modified machine. Let’s face it, most BRZs and GT86s are going to get a little ‘breathed on’ at some point, making these hoses a performance essential.

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