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BNR32 GT-R (15)

It’s been a long time coming – but hey, good things take time! Philipp’s BNR32 is one of the most beautiful examples in the world and I am proud to call him a good friend of mine. Earlier this year we have taken a trip to the Wörthersee together which you can have a look at again if you click HERE.

But let’s dive into more detail below.

BNR32 GT-R (30)

BNR32 GT-R (29)

As you can see he is also an astonishing photographer and we’re lucky to have him providing us a lot of material over the years.

Philipp is a petrolhead, as genuine as they come, he does not care if it’s German, Japanese or American, the appreciation remains the same regardless of origin. The only factors that matter are style, performance and history so it’s no wonder that the R32 was the right car for him. He has owned this one for 4 years now and has put substantial work into keeping it nice and clean.

BNR32 GT-R (6)

BNR32 GT-R (11)

Opting for the most recognizable and popular parts might not be the most cost effective but is always a good choice to make the car appeal to a wide audience. The interior consists of the holy trinity of aftermarket bling: Bride seats, Takata harnesses and a Nardi steering wheel.

The outside it was left mostly genuine GTR style with the addition of a Top Secret diffuser as well as an Abflug lip giving it the all-so-desired aggressive OEM+ look.

Apart from a ton of mods on the engine side of things which you will be able to read about in the specs at the bottom; the most impressive parts would most likely be the wheels.

BNR32 GT-R (22)

BNR32 GT-R (8)

Phillipp has been considering wheels up and down, and up again. In the end he decided it was time to do something different on a BNR32. He took a set of 16 inch monoblock wheels with a classic pattern, sent them off to have them cut apart and have some lips and barrels added in order to create a completely unique set of custom 3-piece wheels that size in at 18×9.5 front and 18×10 rear. They’re neatly wrapped in semi slick Kuhmo KU36s sized 225/40 allround.

He is not done yet though, being the perfectionist he is he will likely rebuild the wheels again to get it perfect in his own image.

That being said, to me it’s already pretty damn perfect as is… just look at it!

BNR32 GT-R (16)

1994 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR

Owner’s name: Philipp Berndt
Year of purchase: 2011
Power output: 350+ PS

Engine Mods:

Calsonic intercooler
HKS bov
Custom carbon intake piping
Custom carbon intake manifold
Blitz Dual SBC boost controller
Nismo oil and water pump
HKS timing belt
Carbon cooling plate
Trust downpipe
Trust midpipe
5Zigen backbox
Mines Stage 2 ECU

Chassis Mods:

Competition Stage 2 clutch
K-Sport coilovers

Interior Mods:

Nardi Deep Corn steering wheel
Bride Brix seats
Takata harnesses
Greddy boost gauge
Greddy turbo timer
Blitz Volt meter

Exterior Mods:

Custom 3 piece wheels 18×9.5 front and 18×10 rear
Kumho KU36 225/40 allround
Farmofminds 70mm lug nuts
Abflug front lip
Top Secret rear diffuser

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