EUDM Civic Type R

- August 8, 2007 - 0

There are two types of Honda Civic Type R: EUDM Type R and JDM type R. First and most obvious difference is the design of the car. EU Civic is more adapted to EU buyers which means that the car has more style than his brother from Japan. Otherwise you can get JDM style Civic in EU but not a Type R version.
Second difference is less obvious but crucial. JDM Civic Type R has almost 30HP more, there is LSD and the rear reactive link double wishbone suspension with modifications much similar to the front suspension. EUDM Civic Type R use torsion beam axle for rear suspension. Obvious EU drivers are more coffee racers if we compare EUDM Honda Civic Type R with almost track tuned JDM Honda Sedan Civic Type R.

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