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Nissan Skyline (3)

With the GTR’s taking up all the recognition in nowadays scene, we often forget how well rounded the “other” Skylines can be. We had a feature on an ER34 GTT a while back and today it is Eisuke Izumi and his HCR32’s time to take their well deserved share of the spotlight.

After the “oh sh*t” most of you will say upon glancing over the car, you start to realize that this is the real deal. This is the equivalent of your high school sweetheart who’s down to earth and hell of a lot of fun!

Nissan Skyline (5)

An aggressive fitment on a perfectly stanced drift-weapon, who’s also repping the decals of the big names around the globe, what’s there not to love?

Despite the age of the car it’s heritage and popularity made it possible that there is still a lot of aftermarket support in Japan for the GTS-T’s. Eisuke started building the car in 2010 (funnily enough he marked the date that he bought it on the 6th of March, which I think is the coolest thing ever) with the support of his friends and himself and you can say with absolute certainty that they nailed it.

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There is a lot to point out to make you really understand how much work and how much fun you can have building a car like this, so let’s get right to it.

The first thing you’ll spot is the exterior of the car… that oozing badass aura, that doesn’t let you look away. Eisuke opted to get BN Sports areo all around, with D-MAX roof and rear spoiler (he also has a front bumper that he sometimes puts on instead of the BN ones). The car is also fitted with 20mm Final Konnexion wide fenders at the rear and a pair of 30mm ones at the front.

No surprise that he needed this addition, as his staggered Work Meister M1 setup measures a massive size of; 18x10j -17 wrapped in 215/38 at the front and 18x11j -20 covered by 245/35 rubbers at the rear.

Nissan Skyline (14)

Since this lady is known to get down and dirty there were a lot of chassis modification installed to make sure that it also stays safe.

The car is static on some -very- rough Final Konnexion Stealth Basic type-1 coilovers with (F) 32kg/ (R) 28kg spring rates. As with any proper drift car, pretty much everything else underneath the car was upgraded as well. Eisuke installed a pair of Ikeya Formula tie rods, KTS upper arms and tension rods on the front, D-MAX upper arms and traction rods on the rear.

He also added a Nismo 2way LSD and a Nismo Coppermix strengthened single plate clutch together with a 15mm Yura-Mode drive shaft spacer.

Nissan Skyline (1)

The interior is equally stylish and functional starring; Gauges! More specifically we have boost, water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure from Defi. Fuel pressure, exhaust gas temperature from Blitz and a turbo timer from HKS.

The steering wheel was changed to a 330m one from Momo and Eisuke also installed a 7-point roll cage into the car.

Nissan Skyline (6)

This moment the engine is currently pushing 380ps on 1.25 bar of boost with 45kgf-m torque. For this to be achieve reliably the old RB20DET had to go and a slightly less old RB25DET took it’s place with a pair of Tomei Poncams and metal head gaskets.

The original T28 turbine was replaced by an HKS GT2530, which is a fairly considerable size upgrade.

We also have an HKS Racing Suction cold air intake, an HKS EVC-S, a Trust surge tank and an E-Manage Ultimate alongside with an HPI intercooler and HPI radiator.

To deliver the mad rumble at night the exhaust was change into a dual shotgun pipe, which in all fairness just looks plain sexy.

Nissan Skyline (20)

There you have it, to quote Eisuke’s words for the reason of his choice: “Because I like the R32 Skyline!!”

To keep something this old in such an immaculate condition, shows real unconditioned love and devotion.

Definitely puts a smile on my face at least and as always further pictures about this beauty below.


Owner: Eisuke Izumi
Photo: Souta Hosino
City of residence: Niigata Prefecture
Car Model: Skyline
Trim level: HCR32
Model year: 1990.7
Year of purchase: 2010.3.6
Work done by: owner (DIY)

Engine Mods:
Power output: Boost 1.25; 380ps
Torque: 45kgf.m
HKS GT2530kai
HKS Racing Suction
TOMEI metal head gasket
TRUST surge tank
TRUST e-manage Ultimate
HPI intercooler
HPI radiator

Chassis Mods:
Final Konnexion STEALTH Basic type-1 suspension (Spring rate: F32, R28)
Brakes – Front: MAX drift 330mm rotor, Rear: genuine
custom front and rear lower arm
Ikeya Formula tie rod
KTS front upper arm
KTS front tension rod
D-MAX rear upper arm
D-MAX traction rod
Nismo LSD (2way)
Nismo COPPERMIX clutch
YURA-MODE drive shaft spacer 15mm

Interior Mods:
Additional meter (Defi) boost, water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, octopus (BLITZ) fuel pressure, exhaust gas temperature
HKS turbo timer
Saito 7-point roll cage
Momo steering wheel (33 π)

Exterior Mods:
Final Konnexion (F) 30mm wide fender (R) 20mm wide fender
BN-sports full aero + D-MAX front bumper
D-MAX roof spoiler
D-MAX rear spoiler
(F) 10j -17 R disc 215 / 35r18
(R) 11j -20 O disc 245 / 35r18

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