Eibach Chassis Enhancements for Mazda 2

- November 17, 2014 - 0

Eibach has released details of its chassis enhancement range for one of Mazda’s most overlooked sports offerings – the small but perfectly formed Mazda 2. With early examples now at least 6 years old and firmly down in the bargain basement category, these superb little hot-hatches offer great driving dynamics and chuckable handling, making them the perfect basis for a little chassis tuning!


With low weight, FWD, and borrowing heavily from its cousin, the Ford Fiesta, the Mazda is already a proven platform, but the addition of the Eibach kit truly transforms its on-road manners. For those looking for a more ‘focused’ performance and an improved stance from the diminutive hatch, Eibach’s carefully honed Pro-Kit offers the perfect solution, balancing noticeably improved handling with a compliant ride quality.

The Pro-Kit works in perfect harmony with the factory dampers and lowers the car by 30mm front and rear. A progressively-wound spring allows a softer section for every day commuting that pushes into a stiffer section when really throwing the car into the turns – ideal for a car that needs to be all things for all people. Soft for the work day hack, but firm in the corners on that weekend track outing!

Each spring is pre-stressed, to avoid sagging in later life, before being shot-peened and electrostatically powder-coated to ensure a long and effective service. Throw in 5 years warranty and full TUV approval, and what’s not to love?

Adding further fuel to the handling fire is Eibach’s accomplished Anti-Roll kit. With its 25mm front and 21mm rear fixed rate bars, the Eibach kit is a true quantum leap in handling for the car, particularly seeing as it never left the factory with a rear bar in the first place!

The final finishing flourish, in dynamic terms, is Eibach’s front camber bolts for the Mazda, which offers tuners and alignment specialists the chance to endow the car with an additional ±1.75° of camber adjustment – perfect for setting the car up for track or fast ‘B’ road action.

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