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Respected ECU tuning expert EcuTek has raised the industry standard yet again with the launch of its exceptionally complete software suite for Nissan’s highly tuneable 370Z. The new Ecutek RaceROM Phase 2 for the 370Z features no less than TWO year’s worth of technical updates and enhancements over the original product, resulting in a package of additional functionality and control that eclipses many stand-alone ECU alternatives, but with the added bonus of all factory control elements remaining very much in place.

Aimed squarely at the professional tuning and mapping fraternity, the new Phase 2 package offers a raft of features to ensure that the Nissan’s 3.7 V6 lump can support any combination of upgraded or customised induction, exhaust or internal componentry. Used by many leading tuners – and even Nissan’s own Playstation Academy team – this new upgraded software places a plethora of exciting functions at the mapper’s fingertips.


The package contains features which are imperative for turbo conversions (single or twin turbo) or supercharged conversions with boost control, closed loop fuelling, fail safe and speed density. It makes you wonder how these forced induction models ever got tuned before!

2015 GT Academy European Race Camp Abu Dhabi

Based around the ProECU control package, the list of precisely controllable parameters includes valve timing, knock, throttle, injector, fuel, radiator, gear and MAF controls to allow experienced mappers to fully take control of the Nissan’s functionality – and integrate it to any possible combination of additional componentry.

· Fully defined Variable Timing Control (VTC): set the VTC angle at Idle, overrun and on full load.
· Fully defined Variable Valve Event Lift (VVEL): set the VVEL angle at Idle, overrun and on full load.
· Knock control per cylinder: log and adjust the knock limit for each cylinder.
· Throttle and torque control: torque limits and full pedal to throttle control.
· Detailed fuel injector control: injector size, lag time and firing angle.
· Overrun fuel cut: control when the fuel injectors restore.
· MAF sensor rescaling: rescale for new Intakes without upsetting the engine load.
· Cruise control: adjust the maximum target and set speeds.
· Radiator fan control: adjust the fan duty cycle.
· Gear ratios: correct for new gears or final drives.

The Ecutek RaceROM element of the new Phase 2 package adds another complex layer of control, which, as its name suggests, has been created to cater to the demands of motorsport applications. That said, many of these features will be a useful addition to many hard-driven fast-road cars. These include –

· Map Switching
· Rev counter indication of the four different map switch modes.
· Flat Foot Shifting
· Full throttle gear changes (Manual Transmission models only).
· Speed Density
· MAP sensor based tuning with VVEL compensation.

The Ecutek RaceROM Controller facility is the real boon to the end user, once the new software has been added to the recipient vehicle. Here, using the 370Z cruise control stalk, the calibration of many control parameters may be altered. For example, the check engine light can become a ‘knock’ warning light, or a different rev limit can be set in each individual gear.

In addition, by accessing the Phase 2’s ‘Custom Map’ facility, tuners can create a map to alter almost any engine control codes. Traction and launch controls may be finely adjusted (the latter for manual only), closed loop boost and AFR controls may be added, the ability to switch between ethanol and petrol can be catered for and additional failsafe layers may be programmed in.

On customer drift cars, this application has seen 800bhp motors kept well within the realms of safety by capping overboost and lean-out scenarios, preventing issues before they occur. Another neat party trick is the ability to ‘hijack’ the oil temperature gauge to display lambda, AFR, fuel trims or ethanol content on the same display.

ecutek 370z

D1 370z

There was a time when ECU tuning was the poor relation to a replacement ECU. With EcuTek’s latest RaceRom Phase 2 Software for the Nissan 370Z however, it looks like the balance of power may have shifted very much the other way…

For more information on this software, please go here.

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