ASM S2000 TSUKUBA Special Spec

- January 23, 2008 - 0

* Engine * 293PS/8750rpm/26.3kg-m
2.2L (87.0?~90.7)/compression ratio 13:1
* Crank TODA
* Camshaft TODA
* Valve spring TODA
* 4 connected throttles TODA (yes ITB’s)
* ƒGƒLƒ}ƒj TODA (not sure what that is suppose to translate to)
* Tsukuba S special muffler ASM
* Light weight conversion
? gross weight: 965kg
* Carbon bonnet Infinity (Mugen)
* Carbon fender ASM
* Carbon door ASM
* Carbon trunk lid ASM
* Carbon propeller shaft ASM
* Polycarbonate door glass ASM
* Polycarbonate windshield ASM
* Carbon hardtop Infinity (Mugen)
* SP – A ASM special ƒŒƒJƒ?
* N1 damper + swift spring (F:18kg/R:18kg) Infinity (Mugen)
* Stabilizer ASM
* RE55S (F:215/45/17 R:245/40/17) BS
* Professional drive GC – 07C ASM special BS
* Front bumper Infinity (Mugen)
* Rear bumper ASM
* Multiple display Infinity (Mugen)
* CPU Mho TEX (not sure if this was suppose to translate to Motec)

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