Garage Active Nissan Skyline GT-R R32

- January 5, 2015 - 0

Drag racing specialists at Garage Active GTR Pro Shop have some stunning GT-Rs to show. This Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 sits on WORK Meister S1 3 piece wheels (F: 19×10.5J -1mm; R:19×10.5J -3mm).

Nissan Skyline GTR R32 (2)

Nissan Skyline GTR R32 (1)

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  • Joe February 10, 2015 - 6:24 am Reply

    Prob one of the best 32’s i’ve seen in a long time..Where can a get a set of those door mirrors?

    • Matt Rus February 10, 2015 - 8:06 am Reply

      These are VeilSide mirrors

  • Anthony September 8, 2019 - 3:03 am Reply

    can i get some info on the color of the car

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