32. GTI-Treffen am Wörthersee 2013

- May 16, 2013 - 2

Being a petrolhead and not attend biggest GTI meet would be a crime. “GTI-Treffen am Wörthersee” is the largest Volkswagen and Audi car show in Europe (over 200.000 visitors) held in the lakeside town of Reifnitz every year since 1982. At the beginning this was 4-day meet from Wednesday until Saturday but nowadays the show last more than just 4 days. I went to see the happening this Saturday and although the official part is from 8th to 11th May, the crowd was indescribable.

With my crappy camera gear and the car not suitable for the show I went on 100km road trip over high mountain pass to Wörthersee lake. The idea was to record the road with my DSLR but I was already late so I decided I won’t mount camera on the car.

The road up there is very twisted so the right car is a must, lol.

Closer you get, more often you see modified cars cruising around the area.

Since the show will official start on 8th May, all area is under construction. Entrance is already placed. A bit awkward situation with hood scoop in front of the entrance.

While slowly cruising along the lake, this sick Audi A5 on Mulliner Bentley wheels was driving behind me.

This is how it looks one of the road crowded with cars and people.

People are sitting by the road on picnic chairs, drinking favorite drink and watching cars passing by. I need to take my chair next time!

Slammed Audi RS3 on sidewalk.

There were also few BMWs present like this immaculate white E30 BMW M3.

VW Jetta with shaved engine bay. Quite common sight.

3 VW Golfs from distant United Kingdom.

Hundreds of hours of work on the Volkswagen Golf Mk1 Cabriolet. Shaved engine bay with swapped Audi TT 1.8T engine, every single screw refurbished.

Porsche 911 2.7

I want that “SEXY” licence plate!

Slammed Golf GTi MK6 on Lamborghini Galardo LP560-4 wheels. I love this combination.

I had a lot of problems with nifty fifty. Perfect chance and I blew it. Blurry E92 M3. Never saw that car again.

Cars were from all over the Europe: Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Norway, France, Croatia, Slovenia, Netherlands…

One of my favorite Golf MK1. Very clean, with Turbo Ronal wheels.

After few hours of walking around the cars it was time to go home. There is a change I will come back this weekend when the show officially starts. They say Volkswagen will unveil a new Golf GTI concept car, Seat will brings 330PS Leon Cup Racer and Skoda will show Rapid Sport Concept so I would like to check that out as well alongside all other cars I haven’t had a chance to catch them. While riding back home, this looooow VW Passat ride in front of me until I lost him at one of the crossing.

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