2013 Japanese Classic Car Show (JCCS) – Part 2

- October 15, 2013 - 5

As the gates opened at 9am the crowd came storming in and the vendors were pleased to see all their products practically disappear from their shelves. Many vendors were displaying their new products coming out soon such as wheels, suspension and clothing gear. Big thanks to Import Tuner magazine for giving me some free magazines, much appreciated!

JCCSGlow star

There were many vendors at JCCS with great car builds. But one of the best builds was the 240z that was on display in the Yokohama booth; definitely one of my favorite cars in JCCS!

2013 Japanese Classic Car Show Datsun

One of the awesome styles that stood out at JCCS was the “Bosozoku” style. Altough this style is getting more and more popular among classic Japanese car tuners, not a lot of people know what riding “Boso” is (btw, read our Bosozoku gang article: AI NIHON 愛日本: BOSOZOKU GANG). As Wikipedia states it “The word bōsōzoku is also applied to motorcycle subculture with an interest in motorcycle customizing, often illegal, and making noise by removing the mufflers on their vehicles so that more noise is produced. These bōsōzoku groups also engage in dangerous or reckless driving, such as weaving in traffic, not wearing motorcycle helmets, and running red lights. Another activity is speeding in city streets, not usually for street racing but more for thrills.” Although the “Bosozuko” style was started by bikers, many car enthusiasts have adopted this style and portraying it on their vehicles by putting huge exhaust pipes, oil coolers on their front bumpers, and huge spoilers.

JCCS show

Japanese meeet JCCS Japanese Classic Car Show

Such an awesome tow hook the owner made here using a piston rod!

Japanese meet Interior shot

Another thing that caught my eye at JCCS was the amazing engine swaps and modifications that these classics had in them. Many Datsuns had the famous RB motor swaps and SR motor swaps which are always great engines to see fully built.

Engine Bay
RB26 Skyline

Although i am a huge fan of boosted cars, I love seeing an all engine built with ITB’s

Engine bay Honda engine
Engine JDM Engine JDM

Lets not forget about the awesome built trucks that were in the show!

pickup truck jccs show

Although this show had a lot to offer and the cars were awesome, the heat was a bit too much for me. maybe next time I’ll be better prepared. who knows maybe I’ll built a Japanese Classic of my own, as for now… Cant wait for next years JCCS!

Japanese Classic Car Show JCCS – Part 1

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