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Finally, there are some more info about the upcoming Toyota/Subaru compact sports car. According to 7tune, Toyota insider claims that there will be only one body style(Toyota/Subaru) with different front grille and headlights/taillights. Also the car will be lower and wider than the old ZZT231 Celica!

Cross your fingers that the Toyota Subaru FR compact sports car will look like this render! So dope!

This part I love the most: “This sports culture, which we have neglected for so long, will again be maintained.” -Akio Toyoda, ToMoCo’s new president.

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  • Anonymous July 13, 2009 - 5:33 am Reply

    I hope it’s for real…it’s been talked about on and off again. Toyota needs this thing like today, because the current lineup is oh so boring.

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